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Update: 18 May 2013

After all of the stuff Kathleen has been through over the past few years, she is now graduating from High School!  A HUGE accomplishment and we are all very proud of her.  Many good things lie in front of her and we wish her only the best!


Update: 30 June 2012

Today was the second annual Pancake Benefit Breakfast for the Terrell Family as they continue to thumb through all of the bills they have incurred during this time in their lives.  As we have mentioned in the past, this is expensive and will be for a great deal of time.  If you have a few extra dollars, please take a moment to send them and help the family.  Thanks to everyone.



Update: 09 June 2012 

It has been a year now and Kathleen is still sporting her new liver!!  She has had a few setbacks during the year but overall is still doing extremely well!! She is very active with her band, school, friends and family.  She is thilled to be out of the hospital and "free"!!  



Update: 25 June 2011

Kathleen is HOME!!!  

Only two weeks after getting a new liver, Kathleen Terrell, daughter of WCFR FF/EMT James Terrell, is home!!  It has felt like forever, but she is glad to be home.


Five weeks ago (18 May 2011), Kalthleen was admitted to the hospital having been told she will remain there until she was able to receive a liver transplant.  Kathleen has made remarkable strides during each phase of her recovery and the photo above is proof.


Special thanks continue to go out to those involved in the fund raising, the delivery of meals, the well wishing and of course the prayers without which the family knows this could not be possible.  This does not mean that she is out of the woods (hating to bring in the bad and realistic) but transplants are tricky and deserve special attention.  The funds are still a factor, as Rhona will not be able to go back to work for a bit yet, but Kathleen is well on her way to meeting her goals of starting school on time and continuing to be a part of the band!


Continued best wishes to all!



Update: 21 June 2011

Well we are waiting on a single number to reach 2!  Kathleen's INR number (coagulant response time) is currently at 1.8 and rising!  If all goes well she will be home as early as Friday afternoon or as late as Saturday afternoon!  Obviously the family is crossing their fingers for Friday.  Keep the prayers coming, they certainly are working wonders!



Update: 17 June 2011

Kathleen is doing much better as the days go by.  Today she began eating regular food in an effort to go home soon and get that nasty NG tube out of her nose!  Doctor's say they are hopeful that she will be able to go home as early as Wednesday 22 June 2011.  From there she will still need a good bit of time to get her strength back and progress to the 100% level.  Please do not lose track of the Terrell's as they will still need our help as they move through the next several months.



Update: 11 June 2011

Today was the pancake breakfast that the surrounding Fire Departments and Fergus Lodge hosted for Kathleen and the family.  Huge crowd came out to eat some good food and help a great cause.  A live webcam was setup so that Kathleen and the family could see the crowd and feel a part of the action.  Kathleen's grandfather and Brother were both present to sell t-shirts with the proceeds going to help the family.  All-in-all, the event raised just under $5,000 to help.



Update: 10 June 2011

Two of the first hurdles that need to be overcome have been already this morning!  First, Kathleen made it through the night with no complications, a little pain, but nothing that is not manageable.  The second is shown above as she has taken a bath and is sitting up in a chair.  At this rate she will be out of the PICU in no time and back in her private room!  Keep up the good work Kathleen!



Update: 09 June 2011

The transplant has been completed as of 0430 hrs this morning.  Kathleen has been moved to the PICU where she has Mom and Dad by her side.  She will remain here for the next 1-4 days depending on how her body accepts the new liver.  Doctors are already talking about removing her from the ventilator yet this morning so that is a good sign!  Next stop will be 1-2 weeks back up on the 6th floor before going home.  This is a bitter sweet time for the family as they know this is only the beginning of yet another long road so, as noted below, please keep them in your prayers, they need us more now than ever. 


Update: 08 June 2011 

KATHLEEN HAS A DONER!!!  It was confirmed this morning at 0700 hrs, that Kathleen has a match for a liver three weeks to the day of being placed on the transplant list.  The doctors are expected to perform the surgery sometime this evening in an 8-10 hour surgery.  Once complete, she will spend approx. 2-3 days in the PICU, 1-2 weeks in the hospital and then 3-4 months at home before fully recovered. Obviously, this is only the first step as many understand transplants, but we are all confident that all will work out well.  Please continue to keep the Terrell family in your prayers!


Use the button below to help the Terrell's during this difficult financial time as Kathleen awaits her new liver.

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Thank you for your help!