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The Walton County Fire Rescue Training Division provides several training programs per year to the Professional and Volunteer members of this department as well as hosting State F/A and EMA classes for members of other departments throughout the state.


In the past year, the Division has established a basic training program, a continuing education program, and a career path for our full time members. New firefighters begin their career with a four week orientation program before being sent to the state fire academy for a 152 hour Georgia Basic Firefighter class. When they return, they are assigned to a senior Driver/Engineer for on the job training prior to station assignment. Those new members that already posses a FFI status will attend the four week orientation and then be assigned to the Driver/Engineer for further evaluation of their skills and talents prior to station assignments. Once the recruits have completed the qualifications, they are sent to obtain their EMT-I certification as classes become available.


Walton County Fire Rescue offers very liberal opportunities to attend the State Fire Academy courses. It enables our volunteer membership to pursue their state certified firefighter status which qualifies them to participate in the annual core competencies exam and all fireground activities. Last year, cumulative training hours totaled over 10, 000 hours for the department as a whole. At present, Walton County Fire Rescue Training Division is working with qualified members and the Medical Director to enable us to teach and recertify EMT-I in house.


The Walton County Fire Rescue Department has a dedicated and professional staff that strives to meet the needs of our members and the citizens of Walton County.